Before Facebook came into the World Wide Web picture and became immensely popular, there has been a number of social networking and community sites lingering around and making waves amongst the LGBT population around the world. One of them is Downelink which still continues to be popular and has in fact, been allowing its members to sign in using their Facebook accounts. Downelink is an online LGBTQ community that allows its members to make interactions with each other through social connections and resource networks. What it is is it provides a medium and a reliable and secure channel for Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and the Questioning people to exchange ideas, build friendships, and use local and nationwide services.

As the community has grown through the years it has developed a standalone application made available to the iPhone and an equally interactive mobile site for other smartphones it has not offered a similar standalone app to as of yet.

To date, being the largest LGBTQ social network and community, Downelink plays tremendously excellent compared too other LGBTQ social networking apps.

Downloading the Downelink app allows you access to video chat instant messenger features, location based search for profiles of downelink members, easy uploading of pictures, discussions, and a lot of other ways to stay connected to the LGBTQ world. The app lets you bring all your favourite social networking features right at your fingertips.

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